Monthly Archives: May 2008

Women Power

Women at market in Rwanda
A friend of mine sent me this article about women in Rwanda. Despite the tragedy of the genocide, Rwandan women are responding to their majority place in society with newfound conviction and freedom. The article tells the story of how women in developing countries everywhere represent the hope for future economic growth for their societies:
Women Rise in Rwanda’s Economic Revival


Frida, finished papers, and the countdown

Frida Kahlo
I just wanted to comment on some of my highlights from the end of the year:
5. Evan’s birthday celebration last Friday which included a group lunch jaunt to Hoagie Haven, a lovely dinner at Blue Point Grille, and a visit to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philly Art Museum.
4. Finishing all my papers early–being almost officially done with seminary!
3. Opening all these lovely wedding presents…
2. 21 days until the wedding, 13 days until graduation.
1. Some much needed, much appreciated relaxation before the mayhem sets in!