Future Plans

While I didn’t know where I would be headed after seminary, I never anticipated the decision would be so difficult for me. As I checked in during prayer last night, listing all the goals I have for my life, I realized that through seminary, even though it may not seem so, my call has narrowed. I continue to be called to working with communities on the margins, and looking to explicate the dense relationships between religion and culture. I want to serve the church abroad, helping to connect diverse communities of faith around the world but also to make sure that the culture of development and progress shifts from a patriarchal paradigm to one rooted in anthropological exchange.
While I was blessed with two different opportunities as of late, one to go directly into the field to work with the church and one to pursue further education in anthropology, I have ultimately chosen to enter the PhD program in Anthropology next year at Princeton University while remaining in the ordination process and continuing to live into the church, especially but not exclusively in my research in my doctorate. I am convinced that this degree will allow me to be a more sensitive cultural advocate for religious communities on the margin and to serve the world with a genuine intellect, faith, and love for God.


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