NVC Group

Our Nonviolent Communication group (or NVC group) met last night with our professor for the first time. The inspiration to form a group of four out of our Pastoral Counseling class began a few weeks ago when my friends and I realized the increased conversations we were having outside of class about how to practice nonviolent communication in our daily lives. At our first meeting, our professor encouraged us to check in and share our feelings and then bring real life situations from our lives to the table, through which we can practice empathic listening with one another. The experience was really fulfilling for all of us; it was amazing how one group members’ core need for mutual respect came up just by our group’s practice of listening empathically to an everyday experience of his. We’re going to meet weekly until class ends and incorporate the discussions in our final paper. You can check out more about nonviolent communication on the NVC organization’s website. It is a powerful communication strategy that is really making me more aware of my own needs and feelings as well as those around me.


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