Holistic Health Log: Day 7, yoga with weights, self-evaluation and prayer

It’s the final day of my logging my “holistic health,” and clearly my inspiration seems to kick in at the beginning and at the end of the week, but it’s hard to practice healthiness in the middle when time gets tight. This afternoon I had some time to myself, time to clean out my cluttered room and do some yoga with weights which I enjoy.As I had mentioned this class suggests that we create a Holistic Health Plan by evaluating specific areas of healthiness or unhealthiness in our lives and setting goals. The evaluation goes something looks at the following areas:

A. PHYSICAL WELLNESS in your life may include some of the following:*Sufficient sleep*Adequate and varied exercise (aerobic, stretching, weight-bearing etc.)*A healthy diet*Physical affection and play*Limited intake of caffeine and alcohol*Preventive health care through massage, yoga, stretching, etc.*Regular checkups with physiciansB. SPIRITUAL WELLNESS may include some of the following:*Practicing Sabbath through times of rest, play, prayer, silence, and renewal each week*Regular time for prayer, meditation, listening for God; developing discernment skills*Corporate worship, and possible worship leadership*Participation in group or individual Spiritual Direction, a Bible Study or prayer group*Cultivating mindfulness about being centered and fully in the present moment,*Pursuing beloved hobbies or artistic pursuits such as dance, painting, music*Addressing underlying faith issues*Taking time to be in natureC. PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLNESS may include:*Counseling to explore unresolved issues, and find support with depression, anxiety, loss, decision-making, relationships, compulsive behaviors, vocation and Acall@ etc.*Addressing workaholism, perfectionism, procrastination, unhealthy competition etc.*Managing time and money thoughtfully to allow time and resources for play*Monitoring escapes such as TV, video games, shopping, the internet etc.*Developing habits of encouragement and grace toward oneself and others; avoiding judgment*Building self-esteem by conscious decision-making and follow through, living close to your values, maintaining a sense of humor, and practicing forgiveness*Developing a range of practices for reducing stress

And then the guide encourages you to set reasonable goals for yourself and take note of what you are currently doing and not doing to attend to your health. I’m looking forward to growing in these areas, and that’s why my next activity tonight, albeit it might require sacrificing some of that healthy sleep, will be to pray, in a fashion that I enjoy, listening to music, journaling and sitting in silence with God.What are some of your health practices that sustain you? What do you find meaningful and where do you want to grow?


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