Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love book cover
My cousin gave me a Barnes & Nobles gift card that turned out to be one of my favorite gifts, because although I know it is possible and far more frugal to check out books on tape at the library, I also realize that I drive just infrequently enough to make the cd become overdue and just frequently enough to find the hour-long drives back and forth to my church in Plainfield annoying. So I bought a frivolous book on tape that my girlfriends from college had all read and of which I expected nothing and with now which I am charmingly pleased. Eat, Pray, Love is Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of not only divorce but rebirth through pleasure in Italy, prayer in India, and balance in Bali. I’m only through the Italy part, but I loved the ability to journey to Italy when I was merely driving through New Jersey traffic, and it’s making the car rides much more enjoyable thus far…onto India tonight on my way to a session meeting!


2 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love

  1. Hi, Erin. I just started listening to this book today and am part of the way through the Italy section. While many authors do not serve their book well as its narrator, Elizabeth Gilbert is a delight to hear.

    Her story thus far has encompassed some personal miracles, such as the ways in which she related how her husband signed the divorce agreement and she had funding for her trip. She listened to that small, silent voice in making her decisions, and these stories demonstrated the Law of Attraction in action.

    Like you, I expected nothing from the book but am now engrossed in it. Thanks for letting me share my enthusiasm of it with you, and best wishes for your continued success!

    Karen Commins

  2. I read EPL some months ago expecting to just love it but was crestfallen by the end. I wanted to love it, tried to love it and did love it until about half-way through the last chapter. It just didn’t turn out to be the moving tale of self-discovery and reflection that I had hoped for it to be.

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