Race, gender, and election 2008

So on my way to field education this evening at my church(to kick off the new year by the way in watching Alvin & the Chipmunks with 9 kids!), I heard this interesting interview between a husband and a wife team who are respectively serving as advisors for the Obama and Clinton campaigns.  

It was interesting to hear them talk about negotiating what must be a difficult personal relationship with their political persuasions, but then, shouldn’t the personal be political anyway?  

It was further interesting to hear each of them reflect on how the elements of race and gender have come to the forefront of this election given the demographics of the two frontrunners they support.  While Maria Echeveste noted that this election is forcing Americans to think about how they talk about (and I think ultimately how then they conceptualize) race and gender, both Maria and her husband Christopher Edley ultimately noted the challenges of authenticity when it comes to creating a campaign that is about a person as a whole, race, gender, and all…but one that doesn’t essentialize the candidate as such.  I thought the piece was a better reflection on the upcoming election than we get in the crossfire…of course, then again, it only dealt with the Democratic candidates so maybe that’s why I liked it so much–just kidding.  Click here to go to NPR’s page and listen.


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