It has begun…

My roommates from college, who I’m reuniting with in the city this weekend, surprised me last night after a full day of shopping with a bachelorette party, complete with veil and tiara to be worn out at the bars in NYC. It was my first event as a “bride to be,” and not surprisingly (and here I hate to sound ungrateful), the whole center of attention thing didn’t quite suit me. I had fun, but I guess I just prefer to celebrate with close friends in a way that isn’t about drawing attention and is much more about sharing about the time that we’ve appreciated together over the years.

It makes me think two things: first, when it comes to the wedding planning, it continues to pay off to do things the way you want and throw convention out the window–what’s most important is that the celebration happens and that people are there, and two, I’m glad we had our night on the town…it’s still a much better story to say I was surprised with a wild night in NYC over, well, Princeton!


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