When we’re being ourselves, “it is well with our souls”

It’s not that we’re not ourselves when we go about our days living our busy lives, it’s just that we’re most ourselves when we listen to who we really are, who God is really calling us to be.  I was reminded of this today when I led my first “Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality” study with a new group.  Some of you may remember the powerful, intimate experience I had with some other seminarians last year when we delved into how to live faithfully in a multi-sexual world; this year I’m leading a group reading the Jack Rogers book. In our final prayer, led by another seminarian, his words were to just let us “be,” in this group, not that thinking and theologizing and discussing aren’t who we are too, but who we are in Christ involves bearing our souls to one another with love, not with fear or apprehension.

And tonight at our Centering Prayer group, I was struck by the audible breathing in the room, the breaths of my friends encircling the silence. One of my friends noted how in the silence it was as if her thoughts were punching her in the face, assaulting her, and another of my friends remarked how we work all day to keep those honest thoughts at bay until they surface in the silence and we’ve got no other choice but to be consumed by them or to release them and make space for God. In the silence, the tune and lyrics to “It is well with my soul,” came to me…

“it is well with my soul” when I take time to be silent with God…how about you?


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