Faith & Doubt, Women & Guatemala

Yesterday was the first day of classes back at seminary after the Thanksgiving break (which included two fried turkeys for me in Oklahoma, visiting my fiance’s family), so it’s always difficult to jump back into things.  Two things made it distinctly easier, however.  One was a moving sermon by my friend Zack at chapel about faith and doubt.  He was asking our seminary community, as people of faith, to own up to the doubt we often feel when we’re struggling with the evil in the world and what to believe.  He even suggested that we should get comfortable with the idea that doubt just might be faith’s dialogical partner.  Then, he bravely suggested that we as the new generation of religious leaders should lead the conversation about faith with utmost honesty, bearing our doubt and in turn our faith with one another.Another cool conversation yesterday occurred at lunch when 8 women from the seminary community who traveled to Guatemala in September shared the story of their journey.  It turned out that because the trip ended up being just women, they spent a lot of time connecting with Guatemalan women about their womanhood, discussing the violence against women in that culture, and strategies toward protecting themselves, those they love, and expressing themselves beautifully and wholly as God has created them.  I’ve been feeling a little sick lately, but these two things lifted my spirit. 


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