Living with disappointment

I hope none of you see this post and worry too much. Truth is, life is great, but there are always disappointments, and in a conversation with my spiritual director last week I realized that I don’t deal all that well with them. We talked about how to really move on from a disappointment or a failure in life, we have to look at it for what it is. We have to really let ourselves feel the disappointment and accept it, know that God’s okay with it, and then look for the next step. In that conversation, I realized how often I try to move on and move on and move on before even feeling the disappointment or understanding the failure. It’s something I’m working through and just wanted to share with all of you.


2 thoughts on “Living with disappointment

  1. I have called it “the sin of disappointment”…It becomes a bitter dwelling on how it “should have been” and a “never let it go” lament, articulated over and over, ( often testing the patience of your listening friends and loved ones) of how we feel cheated and thrown off our well thought out course,,,,, Disappointment does need to be felt, expressed and grieved and ultimately let go!.. But, we don’t want to get stuck there (that is the sin) as we sure need every bit of energy we have to just be in the present, to listen, & concentrate and respond to what God has in mind for us next. It is another one of those mature reliquishings of self and upturns the old “I know what is best for me”. Luckily, We get to move on and eventually submit to God’s design and life unflowing for us…You are a lucky duck to recognize all this now and adjust – when you are 26 ! Proud of the woman you are as always!! Your MOM (btw God’s still working on me!)

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