Getting back to nature

So we have this thing called reading week squeezed into our fall semester. The name always gets you, makes you think you should be reading, whereas calling it fall break would have ordained it once and for all a vacation.
…which is why from Wed night through Saturday, Evan and I got up to our friend, Crawford’s cabin in the Poconos to enjoy rain in the woods, waterfalls, a cozy fire inside, and good company and conversation with friends.
Pictures our pending from our adventures, since neither Evan nor I snap photos, but Crawford definitely does.

A sneak preview, though: I took a lovely run through the autumn leaves on Thursday morning, did some yoga on the bridge over the waterfall while Evan learned how to play bridge with the girls all afternoon. That night Evan and I made our spicy spaghetti and sausage speciality and we all sat around the big table for dinner and wine and conversation. On Friday, Evan and I took this beautiful rainy walk through the woods to a natural spring and drank from it and called the horses over to us and pet and fed them. It was pretty amazing to get away into the mountains and just enjoy life.


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