I’m 26

I’m now 26 and had a wonderful birthday weekend in Colorado with my sisters and friends.

Celebrations included Thai food and martini bar in downtown dinner, capped off with Red Sox and Rockies wins (my sisters are getting a kick out of the fact that the little catch phrase in Colorado going around is “It’s Rocktober”).

Saturday, we went to The Great American Beer Festival, where we got to sample hundreds of beers from all over the US: the highlight for us was Leinenkugels, a Dutch Wisconsin brew that you can’t get out here in NJ and is only in a couple states.

I also got to eat Chipotle twice while I was in Colorado, and Kelly and Joel had us over for brats on Sunday during the Packer game which brings our fabulous team to a 5-1 record.

All in all a weekend filled with many of my favorite things–despite the rainy weather– there were sisters, brats, beer, and birthday!


One thought on “I’m 26

  1. HOLY SHIT! I’m so freakin’ jealous that you went to the Great American Beer Fest. I read about it today and was FREAKING out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like it was amazing. I hope your sermon goes well – you’re going to rock it.

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