Let Your Life Speak

This is an old Quaker saying but also the title of a book by Parker Palmer about vocation that was given to me by my field educaiton supervisor. I’ve been sifting through it, and though it’s really simple, I like its emphasis on listening to your life and the idea that life is a pilgrimage to finding yourself. Knowing that I’m entering an unknown future here after seminary, my advisor felt it might be particularly meaningful to me, but vocation is a topic that can be meaningful at anytime of life. Palmer emphasizes listening to one’s life, but also to one’s strengths and weaknesses. God can be glorified in both it seems, reminding me that I have a lot to learn on my pilgrimage.


One thought on “Let Your Life Speak

  1. I benefited a lot from that book too. I use a journal to listen to my life, and it tells me a lot of things, not just about vocation. In my work as a personal historian, it is so clear as I listen to the whole span of a person’s life that their life is always speaking through friends, enemies, work, loss, family members, prayer…and on and on.

    I wish you well in your discernment process at this crucial time in your life.

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