a weekend in contrasts?

As I’m sitting here reading Kevin Hart’s introductory book on Postmodernism as the rain beats down on the quad, I’m wondering how the Descartes, Jameson, Foucault, Lacan, and the like will figure into my field education experience at United Pres/Nuevas Fronteras that will sandwich all my classwork, being that I’m there on Friday nights and Sunday mornings.
Hard to say yet how my bridge-building activity with the middle schoolers last night relates to my postmodern classes here at the seminary but I’m interested to find out. Either way, with theory swirling in my head, I’ll be taking part in the first of many services tomorrow morning. I’m thrilled that some of my Anthropological reading is finally entering the Princeton Seminary experience, and interested to find out how it might invade my experience at the church in North Plainfield as well…


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