an update

Evan and I drove back from South Carolina on Sunday, stopping in DC for dinner with our friends Jim and Alisa and visiting and spending the night with Zack’s girlfriend, Kristina.  It was a great addition to our vacation and of course made me miss DC like crazy–hoping I get back there to live again sometime in my life.

And speaking of my life, the update here is that things have already catapulted into full swing.  Being back in Brown dorm is nice feeling though unpacking and the already rank smell of BO on the first floor aren’t so great.  We had our field education dinner tonight at Victor’s house and with classes, field ed., wedding planning, applying to grad schools, looking at church and mission jobs for the coming year, I’m already feeling anxiety over where everything is going to fit.  Wondering what the best approach is to such anxiety–certainly prayer and focusing on the positive opportunities available to me here, but I’m just trying to be conscious about not taking on too much.

I’ll be helping serve communion at the opening chapel service tomorrow morning, the first sign that we’re finally really into senior year.


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