Top ten things about Isle of Palms

So many of you know that my family has rented houses on Isle of Palms, off the coast of Charleston, SC for years now. I think it’s our fourth stay out here, and here are the things that make me continue to love this place:

10. Seeing the ocean from church: So it wasn’t a spectacular service this morning at Sunrise Pres, but it was spectacular to stand up and sing and see the sun glinting off the Atlantic out the panaromic windows looking out off of Sullivan’s Island. I am probably singularly responsible for dragging my family back to the little church, but I hope they’ll all agree that the view was worth it.
9. The Intracoastal Waterway: Yes, it was sufficiently annoying the way my dad repeated this phrase over and over to us as we crossed over to the island, but it really is quite a neat pasageway to vacation–one that helped my fiance and I feel like we were finally on the road to relaxation.
8. Palm Blvd: This is the stretch of crazy beach mansions along with the more modest ones we seniors rented for Beach Week after we graduated from Davidson. On Saturdays and Sundays, people pull up their jeeps on the lawns with their surfboards and cross the street to the ocean.
7. Alligators, turtles, and jumping fish: This time we’ve been staying in Pelican Bay, a bit inland from the beach and right along the lagoons. On the way down here, Evan asked if there were alligators in the waters here and I said no way, only to find the sign down the road from our house that reads, “Beware of Alligator.” We’ve seen a couple heads beady eyes and snouts of alligators so far–fortunately we haven’t had a close encounter–as well as some big jumping fish and turtles in the lagoons.
6. Beach hair and sunburns: Most of you know I’m not a big fan of bathing, meaning if I can get away with a few days or more I’m happy. Well as much as no one likes sunburns, they sure do make you feel like you’re on vacation, and I actually like having sand in my hair!
5. Sandcastles & Sand-dollars: We built a sandcastle this time that lasted for two days! And this is the first place that I actually found a whole sand-dollar when I was young. Evan and my early morning walk the other day surprisingly didn’t yield anything, but my sister and I found a whole conch shell and three pretty sand-dollars when we were out body-boarding the other afternoon.
4. Crabs after dark: Evan and I went walking the other night and spotted tons of crabs with our flashlights. Funny thing is my sister, dad, and mom weren’t able to find any the night after.
3. She Crab Soup & Shrimp and Grits: Both Charleston specialties, I love eating the local food when we get down here.
2. Charleston, SC: We actually haven’t been into Charleston this time yet, but it’s a very pretty city with a lot of history and culture.
1. Um, the beach: I just love being at the beach, and being a walk away from it is great! Sand, waves, sunrises, sunsets–it’s so beautiful and so renewing. Enjoying week 2 of my vacation here and the motivation to return to seminary is certainly draining away…

1 thought on “Top ten things about Isle of Palms

  1. I have a qualm with no. 3…

    I was promised “she crab soup” at the “Boathouse Restaurant,” but was presented with blue crab soup instead. The fact that it was an amazing bowl of soup does not make up for the fact that I have still never had she crab soup…

    that is all.

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