Living in the moment

The chaplain I worked with this summer felt that this cliche is also impossible to live out. I’m wondering if he’s right. He meant “living in the moment” is impossible because if we really want to consciously live we have to be conscious that our death is inevitable. While it doesn’t sound glamourous, I read this neat book this summer that cast stoicism in a different light, claiming that stoicism is really about dying with the most freedom possible, living freely every step of the way.

Okay, enough deep stuff, the real issues here are these: field education is on the horizon–I can’t believe I’m needed to provide a bio already and lead a group Friday the 21st, the first of every Friday that I’ll need to be at church. Those grad school applications won’t get filled out on their own…

and meanwhile all I want to do is comb around the beach for crabs and sand-dollars with my fiance.
hmm…I’m going to try to get all I can out of this “living in the moment” stuff…for the moment, anyway.


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