Vacation (& everything in between)

It’s thrilling to write that word on the top of this post, knowing that I’m seated in the beach house, felt the salt water with my toes today, and visited with two of my favorite people in Davidson this morning.

I’ve really been on the move the last two weeks: preached twice in Wisconsin, led a Bible study, participated in a Committee on Ministry retreat, and did my annual consultation with the presbytery. Then, my flight got cancelled, but I somehow got rerouted to Philly in time to get in a few quick days of studying for the ords before taking all four tests in Princeton the next weekend. Oh, and after the theology, worship, and polity exams, and in between the exegesis exam, I got engaged.

Phew! I knew it would feel good to get to the beach this evening, and it is great to see my sister, my parents, and spend some time with my fiance. We passed through Davidson this morning and I saw my college chaplain and my former thesis advisor, too.

I’m grateful to be on this end of the summer, though chaplaincy, preaching, and the ords were altogether great experiences (assuming I pass those darn tests…) Being engaged and on vacation, well, how could anyone be happier?


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