Full circle

In my CPE application for this summer, I ended up organizing that big life biography in talking about the circles in my life–how Washington, DC, Mexico, and Puerto Rico were places I was blessed to return to multiple times and be touched by. Now, CPE has come full circle: tomorrow is our last day, and I’m excited and a little sad.
One full circle moment has been the willingness of one of my Spanish-speaking mothers to become a volunteer at the hospital with the March of Dimes. In our last conversation in the NICU, she told me she wanted to “volunteer like me,” because she’s not so afraid of the hospital anymore. When she asked me if I thought she had gifts for volunteering, it was so wonderful to feel the tears creep into my eyes: what a special, lovely person who God is going to use to touch others just as she touched me.
Now it’s onto preaching, retreat, annual consultation in Wisconsin followed by Ords in Princeton, and finally a week at the beach in SC with my parents, my twin, and my boyfriend. I’ve got my eyes on that beach and hope I have the stamina to put in the effort on all the things in between. I’m so looking forward to resting and reflecting on all this CPE experience has meant to me. Whatever the case, I am so happy I didn’t end up abroad this summer, because I’m really grateful for this opportunity at Capital Health.


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