Still glowing from the weekend

…and literally since Evan and I both got pretty burnt on my long weekend, but it was incredible.  The incredibleness started off with him somehow getting onto an earlier flight into Philly, so even though he was supposed to get into Newark at 10:15pm on Friday after waiting around in Memphis for a 6 hour layover, he beat me into Philly at 6:05, and I jumped in the car after CPE to arrive and retrieve him at 6:30 pm.  We ended up spending two days at the beach at Belmar and camping at Allaire State Park.  Even with the heat, we had a blast, cooked corn and burgers over the fire, and as I mentioned, got really sunburned. I’m thrilled to have him back; it’s great to have someone who wants to hear all my crazy stories about the hospital and doesn’t mind doing some dishes every once in awhile!


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