Humility today, reconciliation tomorrow

This passage from the entry for today in Oswald Chambers’ famous devotional, My Utmost for His Highest, reminded me of the reconciliation that my hospital chaplain is teaching me to offer my patients in the hospital who, like me, like all of us, need healing beyond that of their bodies. This passage also drilled my heart with a lesson in humility–these words are for me as much as they are for my patients. I need reconciliation in my life, in my relationships, and I need to be humble enough to seek it, not as a right for myself, but as a gift of grace to myself and to others that originated in God’s sacrifice for us all.

“God is going to bring you out pure, spotless, and undefiled, but He wants you to recognize the nature you were exhibiting— the nature of demanding your right to yourself. The moment you are willing for God to change your nature, His recreating forces will begin to work. And the moment you realize that God’s purpose is to get you into the right relationship with Himself and then with others, He will reach to the very limits of the universe to help you take the right road. Decide to do it right now, saying, “Yes, Lord, I will write that letter,” or, “I will be reconciled to that person now.”
These sermons of Jesus Christ are meant for your will and your conscience, not for your head. If you dispute these verses from the Sermon on the Mount with your head, you will dull the appeal to your heart.
If you find yourself asking, “I wonder why I’m not growing spiritually with God?”— then ask yourself if you are paying your debts from God’s standpoint. Do now what you will have to do someday. Every moral question or call comes with an “ought” behind it— the knowledge of knowing what we ought to do.”


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