Crisis week

Yesterday started off gloomy–muggy weather, bad news even on the Today show–hundreds of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, bombings in Iraq, murder in Ohio…and then it was one of those Mondays.  I never even got to see patients, but the theme of the week–crisis–couldn’t be more appropriate.  Personal crises are plaguing our group members, and the hospital was a heavy place to be yesterday.

And then today, in the ER of all places, there were friendly old men wanting to talk on and on, impatient but smiling faces, and somehow when I walked into my antepardum rooms this afternoon, things were brighter.  My patients lifted my spirits.  One of them said, “Erin, you’re glowing today.  Why are you glowing?”  It sounds cheesy, but she was what lifted my spirits.  Seeing those women press on when there’s no certainty in their lives, when there’s no assurance, more just like a constant crisis, is reassuring to me. 

Today was a better day.  Even if we’re still in “crisis week.”


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