I delight in you.

We spent some time in our group at CPE on Tuesday expressing how we care for ourselves spiritually. Our supervisor intimated that for many seminary can be a deflating time spiritually, a time in which the focus on spirituality is purely academic and rarely internalized. I rejoice that for me, especially this year, life has been quite the opposite. God has been faithful to me in so many ways this year.
I reflected upon that faithfulness Tuesday in my appointment with my spiritual director. I explained to her how used by God I feel in appointments with patients at CPE, how I feel I am using my Spanish perhaps even more this summer than I might be in the Dominican Republic, how thankful I feel each time someone lets me glimpse his or her humanity or the innermost parts of his or her life and his or her spirit in those hospital rooms. And she reflected back to me that what she heard in my voice was gratitude.
And tonight and last night in my prayer seshes, in dinner with lovely friends, in conversations with my boyfriend, I internalize that gratitude, I feel God’s presence, and I rejoice for all the hard parts of this year that have made this delight that much more palpable.

God, I delight in you. I rejoice because of who you are. I praise you for this moment and for all the preparations you have made for me in my life to experience this delight in you. May I continue to seek you and to treasure you and your blessings and your faithfulness.


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