Another morning at CHS

Sitting at CHS waiting to do our e-check in on Monday. Since the four of us work at two different hospital campuses, our chaplain sends us an e-mail with all our info today and then we span out to our respective units.Last Friday was challenging and rewarding. My first day on the mommy unit, I stopped into a Spanish-speaking woman’s room. After she told me not to leave when the doctor came in, she was thrilled to learn I knew Spanish. We chatted a bit and I prayed for her, and then she really opened up, launching into her whole story, going all the way back to when she was a little girl and her father abandoned her family. As the tears rushed down her cheeks, I ended up holding her hand and kneeling by her bed for at least a half and hour. She was only 32 and the words just rushed out of her mouth. I could tell she felt alone in that dark room and really didn’t have the linguistic abilities to communicate. But it was encouraging for me to see this woman’s bright spirit. I sincerely loved talking with her, just listening and encouraging her; I met with another great lady on Friday afternoon, too, who was facing maybe losing twins for the second time in several years. Tough stuff.Weekend was great–relaxing, hanging out with Jessie and other friends, talking with my mom, and getting caught up with life. I feel pretty prepared today–the only downside to life right now is that I miss Evan!Today, I’m hoping to be more assertive here, to really reach beyond my comfort zone. And that will probably involve trusting God even more, right?


One thought on “Another morning at CHS

  1. Hi Erin! It’s great to hear from you–thanks for sending me your blogsite so that I can follow your summer. Where exactly are you doing this hospital chaplaincy? It sounds really cool–a little tough but rewarding. Can’t wait to read more about it!

    Sending you love from India,

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