Inspiration amidst brokenness

What a day: classes were cancelled here at Princeton Seminary due to the flooding, the state of emergency here in New Jersey. And a couple states to the south of us classes were cancelled at Virgina Tech when a gunman opened fire killing 33 on their campus.
Our lack of class today allowed about 50 students to gather around Shane Claiborne, founder of the Simple Way, Princeton Seminary’s most famous drop-out!, and author of The Irresistible Revolution. And then simultaneously another favorite person of mine, Todd Bratulich, from YouthWorks, was driving up from a conference in Philly to hang out with a bunch of us YouthWorks alumni here.
Sitting and hearing Shane talk about small things done with great love (credit that phrase to Mother Teresa), about shouldering each other’s burdens, and spending time with Todd who is always so thoughtful, and reflecting on the great lessons I have learned working with YouthWorks about life and ministry, was inspiring.
And then tonight within the safe, wide walls of the seminary chapel, as we prayed for the victims of today’s shooting and for their families, I am reminded of the brokenness in the midst of life-giving ministry and joy.

May God continue God’s ministry of healing in our midst–and may God continue to bless the ministry of the Todd’s and the Shane’s of the world to fight the poverty we’ve created, the hate we’ve harbored for one another, and the pain in this world. And Lord thank you for joy and for blessings and we pray for peace.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration amidst brokenness

  1. hi erin! oh man, i’m just rereading “the irresistible revolution” now. i think shane claiborne writes beautifully about the struggle of creating a radical, progressive, Christ-focused new church. so good! i bet it was neat to hear him speak, especially about momma T.

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