Dieu est Grand

Wow, I thought as I read Presbyterian missionaries, Michael and Nancy Hanninger’s latest report from DR Congo. As I seek to discern my call for this summer, reading about the miracle of the moringa tree, the increasing ability for victims of sexual violence to speak out in Congo, and the words of partnership and love Mike and Nancy use to describe their ministry, encourage and inspire me. I had the opportunity to hear Nancy and Mike speak at Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Mequon, Wisconsin last summer. Nancy sat next to me at dinner–she’s so tiny, but she’s so fiesty. She struck up a conversation with me about seminary and asked me if I’d read Paul Farmer’s books. When I said I had, she grabbed my arm and told me how much that rejuvenated her to hear that I believe in partnership in health, in mission, and in life. My mother maintains the long term relationship our church has with Nancy and Mike Hanninger. It’s really neat when people can inspire us so purely and sincerely. As Nancy quotes the Congolese, Dieu est Grand, and I praise God for what God is doing in the Congo.


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